About Baobantu Naturals

Baobantu Naturals sources fruits from family-owned firms and wild collectors.

Baobantu Naturals is an export company that has built a reputation in the delivery of quality conventional and ‘inconversion’ fruits and vegetables sustainably produced. The company has been in operation since the year 2009 and has seen steady growth over the years. Baobantu Naturals is a company that is keen on offering the finest quality products and this is why we adopt the latest technology in growing, processing, and marketing our Fresh fruits. Our range of products includes fresh avocados Hass and Fuertes varieties, Mangos, passion fruits, and baobab products of both pulp and cold-pressed oil serving the nutricosmetics industries.

Baobantu Naturals focus is on the production and export of quality products. We uphold and believe in the principles of convectional farming such as health, care, fairness, and ecology. Baobantu Naturals builds relationships with key stakeholders that ensure fairness at all levels while enhancing the wholeness of the eco-systems.

Our fruits are hand-picked, dry matter levels are then measured at the farm level, it’s transported to our pack house, processed and packed after which they are stored in the cold room for precooling process before shipping to various part of the world..– Amara Wanjiku, CEO 


A leading grower, packer, and distributor of quality fruits and vegetables and taking care of our environment for posterity.


Creating wealth and sustainable livelihoods through sound food production principles.

Our Values:

  1. Equality- We are committed to humane practices and respect for individual rights within natural justice and legal frameworks.
  2. Integrity- Baobantu Naturals does not compromise on the moral code and principles as trendsetters we strongly believe in being ethical and honest while carrying out our day-to-day activities.
  3. Innovation- We are continuously innovating and adopting sustainable food production techniques, processes, and service delivery.
  4. Quality- Baobantu strictly adheres to the set regulations that govern quality farming and aims to produce high-quality, nutritious food that contributes to good health and well-being.

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